Managing timetable clashes in CAS

How do I manage timetable clashes in CAS?
Lecture Activity Clashes
If the activity is clashing with a Lecture, you can enable "online lectures" for students to remove the clash, as online lectures are clashable.
If lecture attendance is compulsory, upload a message. For example: “if the clash is unsolvable, you can watch the recording online when available in LMS”.
If the student has a clash for the first week only, you can allocate the student to that lecture by overriding the clash. This means the student can attend some sessions.
Non Lecture Activity Clashes
If the activity is clashing with any other activity such as a Tutorial or Lab, and there are no alternative options for students to choose, then you can consider a timetable change such as scheduling an alternative class.
To see the current student distribution of your students, you can analyse the data by using the tool Constraint option in the Manage Subject > choose activity group > choose activity > Constraint (in the right hand pane).
For all general units (with no sections), if the student’s attendance is compulsory, and the clash is unsolvable, then the student should withdraw from the unit.

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