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  1. Updated Staff can still edit the allocations and update messages as usual when CAS is in Read Only mode.  Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  2. Updated Go to the Self Service Portal  and login in with your Pheme details. Click on Self Service Select Student Services from the left navigation pane Click on Request for Access to CAS Complete the... Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  3. Updated Lecture Activity Clashes If the activity is clashing with a Lecture, you can enable "online lectures" for students to remove the clash, as online lectures are clashable. If lecture attendance is... Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  4. Updated Training is available with plans to offer training videos for staff soon. Contact the CAS help desk for more information. Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  5. Updated Summer units are available in CAS, however they will be in Allocation Adjustment mode only as there is no preference entry for summer units. Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  6. Updated Before CAS opens for student preferences you will need to: Confirm the list of units available in CAS Check the scheduled activities per unit Check the allocation mode for each unit Class Buffer... Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  7. Updated If the mode is OFF, it means the timetable is not available for staff or students. You will need to email he CAS help desk  to change the mode if you want to make it available for students. Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  8. Updated When CAS opens in Allocation adjustment mode you will need to: Monitor enrolment numbers (mandatory) Adjust class sizes (optional) Sign into your Account using your Pheme details to access the user... Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  9. Updated Some units show the activity as P1 and P2 in CAS. This means it is compulsory for students to do both. If they are allocated in P1, then the P2 class is also added to their timetable.  No manual... Date Updated: 29/11/2021
  10. Updated There may be a number of reasons why some students can't login into CAS : CAS is not currently open for students. They need to check the Key Dates on the CAS homepage to see when CAS opens to... Date Updated: 29/11/2021