Reasons students can't login into CAS

Why can't some students login into CAS?

There may be a number of reasons why some students can't login into CAS:

  1. CAS is not currently open for students. They need to check the Key Dates on the CAS homepage to see when CAS opens to students for preference entry and timetable viewing.
  2. They have not yet enrolled in their units. Before logging into CAS they will need to have enrolled in their units for the relevant semester in studentConnect prior to accessing CAS
    Note: They cannot enrol in units via CAS
  3. They have only recently enrolled in their units in studentConnect. After they enrol via studentConnect, they must wait at least ONE HOUR for their unit details to be synced with CAS.
  4. The units they have enrolled in do not utilise CAS. If the units they are enrolled in do not utilise CAS for timetabling, the student can view their Blackboard page or the timetable web page.  

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