Parental leave

What are my entitlements to Parental Leave?

Employees responsible for the provision of primary care to a child are entitled to a period of up to 104 weeks parental leave for the:

  • Birth of their child or their partner's child, or
  • Adoption of a child who is not the birth child of the employee or the employee's partner, is under the age of 16 and has not lived continuously with the employee for six months or longer.


There are paid and unpaid components of parental leave, which combine to total 104 weeks leave:

  • Employees who have not completed 12 months continuous service at the time the parental leave is to commence are entitled to 104 weeks unpaid parental leave
  • Employees who have completed 12 months but less than five years continuous service are entitled to 26 weeks paid parental leave at full pay or 52 weeks at half pay
  • Employees who have completed five or more years' continuous service are entitled to 36 weeks paid parental leave at full pay or 72 weeks at half pay


The University policy on parental leave(including partner leave) details the eligibility requirements and entitlements.

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