Approving leave if the approve button is greyed out

How can I approve leave if the approve button is greyed out?

The system forces the approver to view the 'full record' when a medical certificate or a warning message exists.  To action the request follow these steps:

  1. Click on My Approvals
  2. Select Approve Requests
  3. Under 'Record Details' click the ID hyperlink (normally a 6 digit number)
  4. A new window appears; select 'Approved' or another action from the 'Approval Status' list.
  5. Click Update at the bottom of the window.
  6. The request has been actioned, close the window & continue approving or log out of ESS.

NOTE: If you select “Deferred” on the application then you will need to enter the date you would like it to be re submitted, if you select “Escalated” on the application then it will automatically go to your Supervisor/Manager.

Comments can be entered in support of the leave approval, rejection or escalation as required.

Sick Leave
Before approving sick leave you will be required to sight the employee’s medical certificate in line with the University’s Policy. Once the medical certificate has been sighted, forward it to Human Resources to be placed on the individual’s staff file. Schools can take a copy for their own records.

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