Adding 3 Way Matching Error Pagelet to your PeopleSoft Homepage

How can I add the 3 Way Matching – Error Pagelet to my PeopleSoft Homepage?

Pagelets are designed to provide display-only snapshots of useful and relevant data on the initial PeopleSoft homepage. The pagelets an individual user has access to will be determined by their PeopleSoft security.

There are two main types of pagelets for Purchasing and Receipting Officers, these can be identified by their prefix:

  • ‘My’ – data specific to the work done by the user.
  • ‘Mgr’ – data across all the BUs, the logged in user has access to.

To add the pagelet/s to your PeopleSoft homepage:

  • When logged into PeopleSoft click on the Personalize Content hyperlink (top right) it will present you with a list of reports you have access in The Personalise Content: My Page.
  • Select the items you would like to appear in your dashboard from those displayed to you.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the Personalise Content: My Page.

PeopleSoft will then build the pagelets and create a dash board on your PeopleSoft homepage. You can use the blue hyperlinks wintin the pagelet to take you straight to the transaction/item (Vendor, Voucher and Purchase Order).

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