Searching for bank details in PeopleSoft

How can I find out if a suppliers bank details are recorded in PeopleSoft?

When logged into PeopleSoft, navigate from the Main Menu to:

  • Vendors
  • Vendor Information
  • Add/Update
  • Vendor

Enter the Vendor ID if known or in the VAT Registration ID field enter the Vendor’s ABN Number or in the Name 1 field change the drop down menu to "contains" and enter the vendor's name. Click Search, the results will be displayed.

The Summary page will be displayed (refer to the tabs).

  • Click on the Location tab
  • Identify the Default location (if bank details have been added the Location will be EFT)
  • Click on the Payables hyperlink

Expand the header Vendor Bank Account Options to display the vendor’s bank details (BSB and Account number – Bank Account Number: field, the first 6 numbers is the BSB).

If a vendor has changed their bank details, the previous details will be listed, refer to the Default box for the current details.
Expand Payment notification to display the email address the remittance advice is sent to.

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