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Why I am I not being quoted the cheapest airfares by the Travel Service Provider?

The cheapest fares are often not the best option, as they may have long lay overs or multiple stops which attract stricter conditions and penalties for changes and cancellations. Each year, the University incurs excessive costs from airlines for cancellation and change fees, which is quite substantial.  Last year, the cost of flight changes/cancellations for UWA totalled approx. $500,000.

  • In the absence of a specific request for the cheapest possible (and usually most inflexible) ticket, the University's preferred travel service providers (TSPs) will provide you with a quote:
    • For the best fare of the day with limited flexibility for domestic bookings; and
    • The lowest Logical Fare (LLF) for international bookings
  • The Lowest Logical Fare is the most cost effective airfare, based on your specific itinerary (i.e. minimising transit times, selecting the most direct route etc.)
  • Quoting the best fare of the day and LLF by default is standard travel industry practice and assists the University in limiting expenditure on cancellation and change fees.
  • If you specifically require the cheapest possible fare, or would like to see an alternative quotation providing the cheapest fare as an option, please specify your fare class preferences in Concur at the time of submitting a request.
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