Compliant Tax Invoice

What is a compliant tax invoice?

A compliant tax invoice must include the following details:

  • The words “tax invoice”
  • The name of the supplier
  • The ABN of the supplier
  • The date of issue of the tax invoice
  • A brief description of the goods or services sold; and
  • The total price of the sales (including GST)

Where the GST to be paid is:

(a) exactly one-eleventh of the total price - the GST amount must be shown separately or the tax invoice must include a statement such as “total price includes GST”; or
(b) less than one-eleventh of the total price - show the GST amount and the total amount excluding GST for the sales.

If the invoice is for taxable sales that total $1,000 or more it must also contain:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The address or ABN of the recipient
  • The quantity of the goods or the extent of the services sold

If the invoice is for a mix of both taxable sales and either a GST-free or input taxed sale, it must:

  • Clearly identify each taxable sale
  • Show the total amount of GST to be paid; and
  • Show the total amount payable for the sales

If you would like more information about tax invoices, or would like a tax invoice reviewed contact FS-Tax.

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