Meal Entertainment form for every meal/recreation transaction

Do I have to complete a Meal Entertainment form for every meal/recreation transaction (including morning tea/afternoon tea/light lunches)?

The meal entertainment form must be completed for all meal and/or recreational transactions. The meal entertainment form is used for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure that all transactions attracting FBT are identified
  • To allow UWA finance staff to reverse any GST credits claimed on entertainment provided to clients; and
  • To maintain evidence of UWA’s commitment to legislative compliance

The completion of an FBT form doesn't necessarily mean that FBT will be charged.  However, it will enable Tax Development staff to charge FBT as deemed appropriate, and maintain a strong audit trail for transactions where no FBT has been charged.  It is as much a compliance process as anything.

If a staff member would like us to know further information regarding the transaction, ask them to make notations on the form and provide their contact details.

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