Creating an electronic Purchase Order

How do I create an electronic Purchase Order?

When logged into PeopleSoft, navigate from the Main Menu to:

  • Purchasing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Add/ Update PO's
  • Confirm or enter Business Unit number
  • Leave the PO ID: as 'NEXT' (purchase order numbers are automatically assigned in numerological order)
  • Click Add.

The Maintain Purchase Order screen is now displayed.

Enter Vendor ID in the field if known. If the Vendor ID is not known, click on the magnifying glass next to the Vendor field and search using the ABN, Vendor Name or Vendor ID. Select the correct vendor.

The user ID of the Buyer should be displayed (you USERID), if not click on the magnifying glass and select Buyer from the list or search by name and click Look Up.

Under the header Lines, enter the details of the goods or services being ordered by completing the following fields:

  • Description: Detailed description of the goods or services being ordered.
  • PO Qty: the quantity of items being ordered.
  • UOM: unit of measure, leave as ‘EA’ (each).
  • Category: enter ‘ALL’ (expenditure category).
  • Price: price per item (GST exclusive).

Once the line information is entered click on the Schedule icon at the end of the line.

From the Schedules screen, confirm the Ship To: details (standard delivery address will be defaulted for your business unit).

Next, click on the Distributions/Chartfields icon to advance to the Distributions screen.

  • Complete the Account and Project grant information.
  • Click OK. The Schedules screen will display.
  • Click the Return to Main Page hyperlink.

Note: To add more lines to the purchase order, click on the + sign at the end of the Lines details.

Any GST free items will need to be created on a separate line as the GST function will need to be turned off.

To complete the purchase order,

  • Click Save, this allocates the purchase order ID.
  • Once the purchase order is saved, Click Calculate.
  • A budget check icon will appear next to Budget Status.
  • Click on the budget check icon to budget check the purchase order (this creates the encumbrance against the project grant).
  • Once the process is completed the Budget Status: status will read valid.

Note: This does not check the balance of a project grant, this creates the encumbrance to the project grant.

  • Click Dispatch. Note the Dispatch Method is defaulted to Email. If print is the preferred dispatch method, click on the drop down menu and select Print.

Note: If the order is not dispatched, the purchase order will not be able to be retrieved when receipting.

  • Within the Dispatch Options screen enter the Server Name: as ‘PSNT’.
  • Click OK.
  • A message will be displayed ‘Would you like to wait for confirmation that the PO Dispatch process has completed?’ click YES

To print the purchase order click on the ‘View Printable Version’ hyperlink.

Note: The purchase order can also be printed by navigating to the UWA Report Manager (From the Main Menu, UWA Reports, Report Manager).

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