Submitting leave via ESS

How do I submit a leave request via ESS?

Once you've logged into ESS follow these steps:

  1. Select My Details > Leave > Leave Bookings Request
  2. Select either Whole Day Leave Booking or Part Day Leave Booking as required. The appropriate booking form will then be displayed.
  3. Enter the details into the relevant fields as required.
  4. Click Submit Request to submit your leave booking. You will receive a confirmation message that the leave booking was successfully updated.
  5. The leave request will now remain in My Requests until it is actioned by your leave approver.

Please note the following:  

Rejected Leave
If the leave request is rejected then you will need to go into Links > My Requests, view the comments and delete the request. To view the comments you click on the record number and that will give you the full record details, including the comments.

Advance Pay
Only a whole pay fortnight (14 days) can be paid in advance.  Ensure that the leave end date is the last SUNDAY of a pay fortnight (not a Friday). It must be approved a month prior to the leave commencing.  It will be your responsibility to submit applications that meet this 14 day minimum.  It will also be your supervisor’s responsibility to approve the application in time for the payroll processing.

Medical Certificate
The Medical Certificate field is mandatory for Sick Leave. You must enter ‘Y’ if you have a medical certificate for Sick Leave or ‘N’ if you do not.
The medical certificate must be forwarded to the Supervisor for auditing purposes.

Leave Balances
If the leave booking exceeds the available leave balance the leave booking will be accepted but a Warning message “The amount of leave requested exceeds available balance” will be displayed.  At this time you can reverse the entry or let it escalate to your leave approver to Approve or Reject.

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